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NorVol Jazz Winter Network Meeting

Saturday 10 February 2018 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at Wardrobe Leeds.

NorVol Network Meeting -


Present 10 members

  1. Chris de Saram: Norvoljazz chair, Wakefield Jazz
  2. Judith Waterhouse: Norvol Treasurer Wakefield Jazz
  3. Steve Crocker: Norvoljazz secretary, JazzLeeds
  4. Gill Wilde: Grimsby Jazz
  5. Geoffrey Jackson Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Club/Festival
  6. Jean Watson: JazzLeeds
  7. Rosemary Holmes: JazzLeeds
  8. Drexal Parker Saltburn Jazz
  9. Mike and Marion Gordon: Scarborough Jazz / Scarborough Jazz festival
  10. Lesley Jackson Director Jazz North
  11. Genevieve Begley: Leeds College of Music
  12. Emily Kent: Leeds College of Music
  13. Florin Bailey: Leeds College of Music

Paul Bream: Norvoljazz NE rep, Jazz North East Newcastle Les Brown Jazz at the Spa, Sam Ashton Hornby Jazz, JATP Bradford, Steve Bootland, Jazz Co-op Newcastle – Dave Parker. Michael Swerdlow Liverpool Jazz, Geoff Matthews:  Southport Jazz; Jez Matthews: Jazz at the Lescar; Paul Thomas: Sheffield Jazz, Laurie Stead Huddersfield Jazz

View and/or download the full NorVol Jazz network meeting minutes for Saturday 10 February 2018  (Word doc or PDF)

NorVol Jazz Autumn Network Meeting

Saturday 23 September 2017 10:45 am – 1:00 pm at Scarborough Spa, Scarborough during the Scarborough Jazz Festival.

NorVol Jazz Meeting Sept 2017

Present 12 members

  1. Chris de Saram: Norvoljazz chair, Wakefield Jazz
  2. Judith Waterhouse: Norvol Treasurer Wakefield Jazz
  3. Paul Bream: Norvoljazz NE rep, Jazz North East Newcastle
  4. Steve Crocker: Norvoljazz secretary, JazzLeeds
  5. Geoff Matthews: Southport Jazz
  6. Gill Wilde: Grimsby Jazz
  7. Jean Watson: JazzLeeds
  8. Jez Matthews : Jazz at the Lescar/ Sheffield Jazz
  9. Paul Thomas: Sheffield Jazz
  10. Rosemary Holmes: JazzLeeds
  11. Richard Parker Saltburn Jazz
  12. Mike Gordon: Scarborough Jazz / Scarborough Jazz festival (Mike welcomed us to Scarborough but couldn’t stay for meeting)

Les Brown Jazz at the Spa, Sam Ashton Hornby Jazz, JATP Bradford, Steve Bootland, Jazz Co-op Newcastle – Debra Milne, Geoffrey Jackson Ribble Valley, Neil Campbell Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Jazz Festival.

Minutes of Previous AGM HELD AT SCARBOROUGH Jazz Festival 24 Sept 2016 – noted.

AGM main items
Chairs Annual report 2017 (CdeS)
Chris de Saram presented the report. It had been a good year for the network – he mentioned the success of Project Orpheus and the tours by Ingrid Jensen, Ellery Eskelin and Seamus Blake. Also the marketing via the website, gig listings + the Jazz blog, the joint projects such as peer reviews, emerging artists scheme and the proposed Internship scheme.

Treasurers Report 2016 (JW)
Notes the change in treasurer from GM to JW in July 2017. 23 paid up members 2017 (29 last year). Total income during year £22346 but bulk of this was GfA grant for Project Orpheus. Total carried forward to next year £6317.32

Elections to Norvoljazz ADMIN GROUP 2017
(Paul Thomas took over as acting chair for this item).
Current group all agreed to stand again. Chair – Chris de Saram, Treasurer – Judith Waterhouse, Secretary – Steve Crocker, Paul Bream – NE rep. Nominated by Gill Wilde, seconded by Jean Watson and approved unanimously.

AGM Meeting closed 10:45 am.

NorVol Jazz network meeting Saturday 23 September 2017  (Word doc or PDF) Access other Minutes from our Subscription page.

NorVol Jazz Summer Network Meeting

Saturday 8 July 10:30 am – 1:30 pm at the “Jazz Lounge”, Robin Park Centre, Loire Drive, Wigan WN5 0UL.

NorVol Network Meeting, Wigan -

Attendees : Chris Desaram (chair) and Judith Waterhouse (Wakefield Jazz) Ian Darrington (Wigan Jazz/Festival), Paul Bream (Jazz NE Newcastle) Gill Wilde (Grimsby Jazz/Festival) Steve Crocker and Jean Watson (Seven Jazz Leeds), Mike and Marion Gordon (Scarborough Jazz/Festival) Geoff Matthews (Southport) Apologies: Neil Hughes, Kim Macari, Steve Bootland, Les Brown, Sam Ashton, Michael Swerdlow & Victor Greenberg, Barney Stevenson, Paul Thomas, Jez Matthews. In attendance Lesley Jackson (Jazz North)

Key issues discussed at  the meeting

  1. Jazz promoter internship scheme – it was agreed that we go ahead with submitting a bid to Arts Council England for a paid internship scheme to help voluntary promoters with succession planning and provide opportunities for younger promoters to learn the ropes.  Norvol network clubs would be contacted in the near future with outline of the project and an expression of interest form to apply for hosting one of the Norvol/JazzNorth internships
  2. Emerging artists programme– interested Northern promoters were asked to offer date/s in April and early May 2018 in their programme to take Leeds College of Music final year BA jazz student performing assessment pieces
  3. Peer reviews –Northern promoters were asked to put forward a couple of gigs in their forthcoming programme that can be offered out for peer review by other clubs and promoters

Next network meeting will be at Scarborough Jazz festival meeting on Sat 23 September 10 for coffee, 10:30 am start – 1:00 pm
The secretary reminded all promoters to sign up for the Northern Jazz Live promoter blog if they haven’t already, in order to get the news of what’s going on, quicker. He thanked everyone for their contribution to the blog and in the meantime, reminded clubs and festivals that they needed to submit any contributions about autumn jazz programmes very soon.

NorVol Jazz network meeting Sat 8 July 2017  (Word doc or PDF) Access other Minutes from our Subscription page.

NorVol Jazz Spring Network Meeting

Saturday 29 April 2017 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at the United Reform Church, Clitheroe, during the Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Festival.

NorVol at Ribble Valley

Chris de Saram: NorVol jazz chair, Wakefield Jazz
Geoff Matthews: NorVol jazz treasurer, Southport Jazz
Steve Crocker: NorVol jazz secretary, Seven Jazz Leeds
Gill Wilde: Grimsby Jazz
Jean Watson: Seven Jazz Leeds
Richard Parker: Saltburn Jazz
Sue Bradley: Ribble Valley Jazz
Judith Waterhouse: Wakefield Jazz
Paul Ellis: Ribble Valley Jazz

NorVol Jazz network meeting minutes attached

Our summer meeting will be at Wigan, during the Wigan Jazz Festival on Saturday 8 July 2017 10:30 am – 2 pm

The meeting was followed by NorVol Jazz members leading the popular Ribble Valley jazz Festival Jam session – Maja Bugge, Cello; John Quinn, piano; Steve Crocker, bass; Steve Mullarky drums.

NorVol Jazz network meeting Sat 29 April 2017  (Word doc or PDF) Access other Minutes from our Subscription page.

NorVol Jazz AGM 2016

The Northern Voluntary Jazz Promoters, held their AGM on Saturday 24 September 2016 at Scarborough Spa, Scarborough, during the Scarborough Jazz Festival.

Norvol Jazz AGM 24 September 2016


  • Chris DeSaram: Norvoljazz chair, Wakefield Jazz
  • Geoff Matthews: NorvoJazz treasurer, Southport Jazz
  • Paul Bream: Norvoljazz NE rep, Jazz North East Newcastle
  • Steve Crocker: Norvoljazz secretary, Seven Jazz Leeds (Not shown as taking photo)
  • Barney Stevenson: Marsden Jazz Festival
  • Gill Wilde: Grimsby Jazz
  • Jean Watson: Seven Jazz Leeds
  • Jez Matthews : Jazz at the Lescar/ Sheffield Jazz
  • John Close: Jazz at the Lescar/ Sheffield Jazz
  • Kim Macari: Apollo Jazz/Orpheus Project
  • Lesley Jackson: Jazz North
  • Neil Hughes: Cinnamon Club/Southport Jazz festival
  • Paul Thomas: Sheffield Jazz
  • Rosemary Holmes: Seven Jazz LeedsThe quarterly NorVol

NorVol Jazz network meeting Sat 24 September 2016  (Word doc or PDF) Access other Minutes from our Subscription page.

Our next meeting will be at Southport Royal Clifton Hotel, during the Jazz on a Winter’s Weekend, on Saturday 4 February 2017 10:30 am – 2 pm

(Follow this link to read more below – including Ingrid Jensen)


NorVol Jazz Network Meeting 30 April 2016

The quarterly NorVol Jazz network meeting was held on Saturday 30 April at the (very welcoming and good fun) Ribble Valley Jazz festival. A good time was had by all and we enjoyed the jam session afterwards.

NorVol Jazz meeting 30 April 2016


  • Geoff and Judith Waterhouse – Wakefield Jazz
  • Gill Wilde Grimsby Jazz/Cleethorpes Jazz Festival
  • Geoff Matthews and Tom Sykes- Southport Melodic Jazz
  • Mike Gordon – Scarborough Jazz Festival
  • Jean Watson and Steve Crocker (minutes) – Seven Jazz Leeds
  • Paul Bream (chair) and Charlie McGovern-Jazz North East
  • Paul Ellis (not pictured) and Sue Bradley – Ribble Valley Jazz Festival
  • Kim Macari – Orpheus/Jazz at Heart Leeds

Do please come along to Scarborough, on Saturday 24th September 2016, 10 am for 10:30 am, for the next meeting and AGM – to be held during Scarborough Jazz Festival – it would be lovely to see you and to discuss our future plans.

NorVol Jazz network meeting Sat 30 April 2016  (Word doc or PDF)


NorVol Jazz’s first international tour featuring Ingrid Jensen

Ingrid Jensen _NorVol Jazz Canadian trumpeter Ingrid Jensen is our first featured artist for the NorVol Jazz network international touring scheme. She arrives in the UK on 23 May 2016.
Ingrid Jensen is the first featured artist as part of the the NorVol Jazz/Orpheus Project. She will be joined by three stellar UK musicians – Jez Franks on guitar, Andy Champion on double bass and Tim Giles on drums. In addition to the quartet tour dates, Ingrid will also appear as a guest soloist with Colin Byrne’s Leeds Jazz Orchestra, lead masterclasses with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and will close her time in the UK with a one-off performance at Ronnie Scott’s in London featuring the Engines Orchestra.

May 26th – Black Swan Bar & Venue, Newcastle
May 28th – HEART, Leeds (also featuring Jamil Sheriff on piano)
May 29th – Seven Jazz at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton (Ingrid appears with Leeds Jazz Orchestra)
June 1st – The Cask, Scarborough
June 3rd – Wakefield Jazz Club
June 4th – Workshops with NYJO
June 5th – Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London (also featuring Phil Meadows Engines Orchestra)

Ingrid is the perfect musician to be featured in the Orpheus Project’s inaugural tour. Described as one of the most gifted trumpeters of her generation, she is an exceptional voice in modern jazz. The quartet will perform in NorVol clubs across the North and provide a unique opportunity to see this calibre of group in small, intimate venues. By partnering with NYJO and Engines Orchestra, we’ve built a tour which displays her broad talents, not only for small group performance but her work with large ensembles and as an educator, too.

NorVol Jazz/The Orpheus Project are grateful for the financial support provided by Arts Council England through their Grants for the Arts programme. The next NorVol Jazz headline touring artist will be announced soon!”



NorVol Jazz celebrates the  “Great Jazz Festivals in the North”

“We’ve long known that the North had all the best jazz festival and now we’ve designed and produced a lovely multi fold leaflet to show it!

“Great Jazz Festivals in the North” was produced by NorVol Jazz and designed by Tony Jennings of JCB. Seventeen festivals are featured. The leaflet is designed to be month- rather than date- specific so that is should have a longer life! The seventeen festivals are:

Burton Agnes Jazz Festival
Chapel Allerton Leeds Village Jazz Festival
Cleethorpes Jazz Festival
Darlington Jazz Festival
Gateshead international Jazz Festival
Ilkley Jazz Festival
J Night – Hull Jazz Festivals
Lancaster Jazz Festival
Liverpool international Jazz Festival
Manchester Jazz Festival
Marsden Jazz Festival
Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Festival
Richmond Jazz Festival
Scarborough Jazz Festival
Southport Jazz on Winters Weekend
Whitley Bay/Keith Durham Jazz Festival
Wigan Jazz Festival

Great Jazz Festivals in the North - NorVol Jazz 2016The leaflet presentation certainly brings home the depth of the Northern jazz scene, no need to travel far to see great jazz. Another success for the NorVol Jazz Network too!”

(Download Great Jazz Festivals in the North)



NorVol Jazz Committee meet (and jam!) at Ribble Valley

The NorVol Jazz committee met up at the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival in Clitheroe on 31 April. It is such a friendly festival and we felt really well looked after by the festival committee and by members of Clitheroe United Reformed Church, who hosted the meeting at their lovely church and fed us well.

Norvol Jazz Committee

The meeting heard from Kim Macari about the Norvol Jazz’s first international tour featuring Canadian trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. Ingrid arrives into the UK on May 23rd and is touring many of the NorVol Jazz member clubs before moving on to Ronnie Scotts in London in June where she plays with Phil Meadows Engines Orchestra. The NorVol meeting unanimously thanked Kim for all her hard work in pulling the tour together and agreed to support a bid for a wider enhanced international touring scheme from 2017. The meeting also agreed to consult members about the possibility of NorVol Jazz applying to become a Regularly Funded Body under the Arts Council from 2017. The new “Great Jazz Festivals in the North” leaflet, produced by NorVol Jazz was circulated at the meeting to great acclaim. Seventeen Northern festivals are featured in the attractively designed leaflet. The NorVol Financial Report and the Club Roundup showed an organisation in a sound financial state and the membership in good heart with lots of examples of creativity and talent. One NorVol Jazz member Seven Jazz in Leeds had been nominated as UK jazz venue of the year in the 2016 Parliamentary jazz awards – another feather in the cap of a very healthy Northern Jazz scene. The next NorVol Jazz meeting will be held on Sat 24 September 2016 during the Scarborough jazz Festival

NorVol Jazz members then led the Ribble Valley Festival Jam Session in the afternoon – Steve Crocker and Jean Watson (Seven Jazz) on bass and voice, Mike Gordon (Scarborough Jazz) on piano, Jazz at Heart/Orpheus trumpeter Kim Macari and Tom Sykes (Southport Melodic Jazz) on violin plus Steve Mullarky on drums. The jam session also featured one of the Festival stars clarinettist Arun Gosh who was really helpful and encouraging to people. It was hugely popular with many local people joining in and playing – the Festival asked if we would do it again in 2017!


Jazz North West

Fred Burnett - Jazz North West

Jazz North West, run by Fred Burnett, mainly covers the traditional areas of jazz such as, New Orleans and Dixieland. You can check out Fred’s What’s On page here. More about Fred here.



NorVol Jazz – Southport Winter Weekend Meeting 2015

Quarterly Meeting Autumn/Winter 2015 Southport Winter Weekend Saturday 7 February

NorVol Southport Feb 2015

People left to right:

Steve Crocker – Seven Jazz Leeds
Gill Wilde – Grimsby Jazz/Cleethorpes Jazz Festival
Emma Lloyd – Atkinson Centre Southport
Paul Bream Norvol – Jazz North East
Jean Watson – Seven Jazz Leeds
John Quail – Marsden Jazz Festival
Kim Macari – HEART Leeds
Mike Gordon – Scarborough Jazz/Scarborough Jazz Festival
Barney Stephenson – Marsden Jazz Festival
Jez Matthews – Sheffield Jazz/Jazz at the Lescar
Peter Woodman – Marsden Jazz Festival
Geoff Matthews – Southport Melodic Jazz

Not in picture:

Geoff Jackson – Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues
Michael Swerdlow and Victor Greenberg Liverpool Jazz




NORVOL in the Parliamentary Jazz awards 2015 – Media section

Votes have now closed for the Parliamentary Services to Jazz awards 2015. Thank you to everyone who nominated us – we now await the results due out in March 2015.

As a network of small independent jazz clubs Norvol clubs collectively do an amazing number of things – 2000 gigs, 8 jazz festivals, load of educational jazz workshops, summer schools, jam sessions, even jazz,choirs… who could ask for more!


Norvol Jazz Committee

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