NorVol at Wigan 8 July 2017

Key issues discussed at  the meeting

  1. Jazz promoter internship scheme – it was agreed that we go ahead with submitting a bid to Arts Council England for a paid internship scheme to help voluntary promoters with succession planning and provide opportunities for younger promoters to learn the ropes.  Norvol network clubs would be contacted in the near future with outline of the project and an expression of interest form to apply for hosting one of the Norvol/JazzNorth internships
  2. Emerging artists programme– interested Northern promoters were asked to offer date/s in April and early May 2018 in their programme to take Leeds College of Music final year BA jazz student performing assessment pieces
  3. Peer reviews –Northern promoters were asked to put forward a couple of gigs in their forthcoming programme that can be offered out for peer review by other clubs and promoters


Next network meeting will be at Scarborough Jazz festival meeting on Sat 23 September 10 for coffee, 10:30 am start- 1:00 pm


The secretary reminded all promoters to sign up for the Northern Jazz Live promoter blog  if they haven’t already in order to get the news of what’s going on quicker. He thanked everyone for their contribution to the blog in the meantime reminded clubs and festivals that they needed to submit any contributions about autumn jazz programmes very soon.