NorVol Jazz Promoters Admin Group

Saturday 19th January 2019
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Minutes of meeting held at Queens Hotel Leeds

Present: Gill Wilde, Steve Crocker, Judith Waterhouse, Mel Grundy,
Apologies: Sue Bradley

1. Status of Northern Jazz Promoters (ref Jazz South for role) (SC/GW)
2. Future relationship with Jazz North & Norvol rep for Jazz North Board.

Download the Minutes: NorVol Jazz Promoters Admin Group Saturday 19 January 2019 (Word doc or PDF)

Discussed the network, and how we might improve it. Suggested that we widen the network to be more that just promoters – we could include funded organisations, musicians, commercial venues as well. Individuals as well perhaps a membership of £10.

Suggested we seek a closer relationship with Jazz North to become an Advisory Panel of Jazz North in to help them build their reach and effectiveness by advising on policy and practical activities relating to jazz promotion in the region.

It was noted that we could find no information regarding the current Board members of Jazz North.

To meet these objectives it was proposed we rename the network as the Northern Jazz Network

NorVol Jazz member views are requested to comment on this proposed approach. The management group were in favour of this change in status

3. Launch event – date, venue, publicity.

With regard to the launch MG suggested we approach Steve Mead at Manchester Jazz festival for an event on the afternoon of 25th May. We would use the morning for round table meet up of promoters and seek a more prominent space to do the re-launch in the afternoon, such as the Garden lounge.

Need to defer final decision regarding re-launch until we know the outcome of a discussions between ourselves and Jazz North and feedback from members.

4. Jazz North Introduces College Collection Bands April/ May (SC)
It was agreed to support the LCofM student bands by funding their transport costs of £250 when playing at NorVol venues. (GW to ask if Grimsby schools would like to host any of the bands).

5. Internship scheme
MG to clarify dates with Paul Bream as it was assumed it was to be 9 months not 1 year. Submission delayed. Agreed the new start date of 1 June 2019

6. Finance and membership
21 clubs are members. New Year subscriptions – 5 have paid. All management group to suggest possible new promoter, musician and education members – lists to GW and SC

7. Venues and dates for future Norvol network meetings:
JW wanted to see more interaction/communication between members through Facebook or website forum to supplement the three “meet up” sessions each year. She suggested Richard Gentle be asked if he could ‘host’ a more “active” forum. It could be used to organise ‘Northern Tours’ of particular artists to give them a ‘run’ of gigs. We also need to encourage more sharing of knowledge and funding opportunities. MG suggested having a formal reciprocal arrangement with the northern members of JPN.

Manchester JF 25 May 2019, Scarborough JF 21 Sept 2019, Gateshead IJF April 2020

8. No other business. Meeting closed 4pm

Download the Minutes: NorVol Jazz Promoters Admin Group Saturday 19 January 2019 (Word doc or PDF)

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