Changes on the NorVol Jazz Website

Mobile and smart device access
If you have previously saved the original Duda mobile link to your phone or smart device, you will need to make a new shortcut link. This will vary from device type, but generally, if you use a browser to find you can then select an option to save a short cut to the home screen. This usually forms an icon that you can either leave on the home screen, or place in a folder.

NorVol event calendar
The colourful calendar is no longer being used and previous contributors will no longer be able to add events directly.

All event listings for membership paying NorVol members will now be added by the site webmaster, either by visiting our members’ websites, or by receiving information from them.

Why aren’t all of my listings showing?
Where possible, the current month, plus a month ahead listings, for member clubs, will be added to, and shown, on the NorVol Jazz event calendar, by the NorVol Jazz webmaster (Richard). Because every event links to the member’s website, any future gigs will also be immediately accessible, if listed on the associated member’s website.

Other non-NorVol Promotors
You can send your gig information to Steve Crocker, who will, time permitting, mention your gigs on the Northern Jazz live blog.